Hey,I'm Melissa!

I am a New York based elopement, couple's and family photographer and I am SO happy that you made it here! There is nothing I love more than traveling, being outdoors and staying connected to nature. My fiancé and I enjoy traveling together with our newly renovated van and invite you to follow along on our travels which you can find over on our Instagram page, @circadian_van.

I am a small-town girl with a lust for adventure. I enjoy breathing in the fresh mountain air as much as I enjoy the midst of the ocean's waves. I like to describe myself as an optimistic soul that cares deeply for the people and world around me.


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My full name is Melissa but feel free to call me Missy! I have always appreciated the art of photography, and throughout my experiences traveling the world, I realized how capturing moments in time allows us to carry the beauty of these fleeting moments with us, wherever life may take us.

Asides from photography, I am a Registered Nurse and have a passion for helping people, which is embedded in everything that I do, and a core value of my business.

Travel is a huge part of who I am, as well as my brand. My fiancé and I have a newly renovated van in which we plan to travel more in. Simple life is something that we value tremendously... So wherever you are located, shoot me an email and I would be happy to travel to you!

My fiancé, Matthew, and I have the dream of traveling to all fifty states in @circadian_van and eventually building our home on a big plot of land. Oh, and you bet there will be a sustainable farm too :)

the soul behind the lens

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When I photograph my couples or families, my ultimate goal is to allow them to feel something when they look at their photos. My goal when photographing is to allow for my clients to relive these moments through my art. I want them to feel love, or any emotion that they may have felt in that time when they hold their photographs in their hands. My goal through my work is to capture moments, to both preserve and make memories and create emotion.

I want your photos to be authentic to who you are and your soul. Whether that means exploring some place you have never been or cozying up on your couch, I want you to feel comfortable, I want you to feel like YOU, I want you to feel free.

authentic imagery that captures natural moments.

my philosophy